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CPS Records is always in search for new talented and motivated artists. The label’s principal objective is to provide assistance to artists who wish to express themselves creatively through their music while at the same time retaining links with trends in contemporary record production. CPS Records aims to use its music production expertise ‘to reveal and enhance each artist’s unique character as manifested through their music and help them to find the “missing ingredient” that the music needs to become a successful package.’

Genres we’re more interested in: Indie, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Folk.

We prefer links to your music and to be sent by email – see above – no paper waste & save the environment!
Send us 1-3 songs with a short bio (one paragraph is more than enough!) and a picture of you as long as links to your Facebook/sound cloud/you tube etc.

No multiple emails please – if we like your style we’ll be in touch!

Thank you!

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