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CPS Records was launched in March 2010 in Leeds, UK. The label’s principal objective is to provide assistance to artists who wish to express themselves creatively through their music while at the same time retaining links with trends in contemporary record production. CPS Records aims to use its music production expertise to reveal and enhance each artist’s unique character as manifested through their music and help them to find the ‘missing ingredient’ that the music needs to become a successful package. Location : London, UK Contact : email@cps-records.com

Current releases:

Coral Caves – Moiroloi

Coral Caves returned with a vital new sound, a unique music blend of a traditional lament (moiroloi), one of the oldest song forms appearing both in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, with Shakespeare’s lines from Macbeth; a refashion of Greek & Balkan music traditions in a post-modern context. Coral Caves in their ‘Moiroloi’ express these same sentiments of traditional lament but in a more nostalgic than mournful fashion, aiming to encapsulate the universal sense of these emotions.
  • OUT in All Web-stores on 14th JUNE by CPS-Records.

C-Drain – Can’t save me

Coral Caves – This Night Love Bleeds

C-DRAIN ‘Covers Unplugged’ Ep Album:

* C-DRAIN ‘Oh Miami!’

* C-Drain ‘So What?’ (Debut Single)

Reviews for C-Drain ‘So What?’: Music emissions.com : Rating: 4/5, 9/10 “’So What?’ is full of the close male harmonies which graced any number of successful bands in the sixties…but features distorted vocals and a production quality which is definitely of the 21st century…cheerful, bright and sunny, something entertaining to take our minds of all this nonsense surrounding us. ‘So What?’, almost as its title suggests, is just the sort of musical break from the misery we need. And that is the key to what makes a good pop song – it fits the moment. And ‘So What?’ does indeed fit the moment…so, go on…listen to “So What?” It will cheer you up guaranteed!” Full Review @: http://www.musicemissions.com/artists/albums/index.php?album_id=16961 No TiTle magazine (UK): C-Drain’s debut single instantly creates a feel-good summery vibe with its energy and understated lyrics that heavily disguise darker cultural inspirations. This chirpy tune, to its credit, is clearly genre defined; it wouldn’t feel out of place in an American coming-of-age film or road trip adventure as a token retro track The brazenly light-hearted and initially charming chorus kicks in straight away..Fortunately, these hippy style musical attributes are combined with more contemporary characteristics in between to create a decent level of depth…If this artist continues to unearth interesting influences and a variety of angles his future album would certainly create a few welcome debates…Full Review @ http://notitlemagazine.com/c-drain-so-what/#sthash.Tz6Avyrq.dpuf * Coral Caves ‘Sometimes Shine’ EP Album Reviews for Coral Caves ‘Sometimes Shine’ EP Album: BBC RADIO Leeds: “…Yeah! Coral Caves – Very Nice!!!” AltRockIsDead.com USA: “Interesting stats on ‘Shine’, we’ve played it 75 times, of those listeners who rated it, it’s rated 4 out of 5 stars, no drops, great work!!” Jumbo Records UK: “Local heroes Coral Caves walk the lines between lush, touching songwriting ala Echo And The Bunnymen and a slightly dark and gothic take on indie…Needless to say this 3 track E.P. is well worth checking out…” Rockap.gr (GRE): “…overall we are dealing with a flawless presentation that if anything left speechless at the professionalism…’Sometimes’ with subcutaneous blues…flirts heavily with Pink Floyd-economic tradition…to overemphasize the beautiful psychedelic parts…’Shine’…creating an incredible maze of sounds that travels in vivid colors…The ‘Can’t stop that feeling’ stands out thanks to the wonderful voice of Christos Pappas…creating a lo-fi masterpiece…” Full review @ http://www.rockap.gr/coral-caves-sometimes-shine/ Music Emissions USA: “…Sometimes Shine is definitely worth a listen with crisp production, great band chemistry and the moody and broody will undeniably connect with this EP.” Full review @ http://www.musicemissions.com/artists/albums/index.php?album_id=15285 * Christos Pappas, Blue Dream: Christos is a composer & music producer, an artist who has been involved in numerous projects and bands as front man, guitarist, song-writer and producer over the years, including most recently, two self produced and released ‘alternative rock’ albums which have received a fair amount of exposure and radio airtime as well as great reviews. At present, Christos is working on variant projects as Producer in Indie,Pop, Rock, Folk music & with a strong focus in music for film & Tv. As composer he has created pieces in a variety of styles as Ambient, New Age, World Music, Instrumental, Orchestral etc. For more info visit: www.christospappas.co.uk * “Christos is an interesting and talented artist with a clear vision of his music-his style reminds me of a cross between Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave! A pleasure to work with.” – Barkley McKay, Owner – Valley Wood Studio * “Christos is a very discerning client. Someone who commands respect through his mastery of his art. I would recommend Christos to deliver a product on time and equalling the passion of the client he works for. Dedication is his forte.” May 28, 2010 – Russ Hepworth-Sawyer, Mastering engineer, MOTTO Sound

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