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Ambient music for Tv Show in Los Angeles!

https://www.facebook.com/share/r/mADGrcPKbYUu862R/ LISTEN / WATCH HERE!

I composed & produced this for for X-Treme sports Tv show in Los Angeles – surfers descending BIG waves in slow motion…it also got licensed and used by a well known British therapist in hypnotherapy! Music has no limits!!!

Produced in CPS-Records Studio

Producing music in 9 different countries @ CPS Records Studio!

🔥2024 is an amazing year so far producing many different artists in 9 different countries 🌎 various music genres plus music for Tv 📺 programs & adverts than ever before…!!! Thank you ALL for the vote of confidence & welcome to CPS-Records Studio🤘more news 🔜‼️ I’m grateful for your great reviews on google!!! I love making & producing music 💙🎶 gimme more!!