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We proudly anounce the coming of a new Coral Caves single. They returned with a new release and new sound in May 2020 – ‘This night love bleeds’ and were working endlessly in the studio in the last months to create new tracks! They are ready – we will proudly release the 1st of these very soon! Stay Tuned!

🔝#REVIEW in Award-Winning Music Magazine! CORAL CAVES

🔝#REVIEW in Award-Winning🥇Music Magazine

“‘This Night Love Bleeds’ draws you in with a somewhat sinister opening. The music of the track has a lot of layers for you to get through that work together to create a smoky background for the song. The increase in tempo brings the Greek and Balkan traditions to the front while getting the heart pumping. The lyrics and vocals are reminiscent of Nick Caves with a darkness to them. You can feel there is an interesting tale in the vocals that you need to put together…Pappas’ vocal performance is intense and adds an extra dimension to the track…”

➡️ READ full REVIEW click image below! get it #SPOTIFY : https://spoti.fi/2TSVQN8 #YOUTUBE : https://youtu.be/5_KDE8xtDNo #CoralCaves