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C-DRAIN returned with a new sound & a surprising Pink floyd cover! As the artist explains : “with all the respect to the original, for me a cover to become a true cover needs to suggest something different. I approached it with this aesthetic shaping a more cinematic & dreamy/ambient-like soundscape. Changed, amongst other things, also the harmony a bit by altering the chords towards that sound & tuned to A=415Hz, as I usually prefer, for a more ‘earthy’ tone & vibe. Lyrically, ‘hanging over the same old ground’ instead of ‘running’, as for me ‘hanging’ suggests a more dreamy-like scenario, perhaps as it would in a Dali painting, remaining suspended.” Check it out is deffinetly unique!

***C-DRAIN in #TOP 5 New Alternative Rock bands around the WORLD***

***CDRAIN in #TOP5 #New #AlternativeRock #bands around the #WORLD***by Wtyt 960 #USA! This is kinda AWESOME really..! best line about new single Come On! : ‘If they fancy to dance in indie mood they should!’ read more below – cheers for the cool review, adding Come On! on main playlist & presenting new #NoPlumbingBusiness Ep Album to #WTYT960

#Listen / Buy Full Album:
♫ Spotify: goo.gl/c3iutm 
♫ iTunes: goo.gl/MgJzri
YouTube : https://youtu.be/AqRhzMLP3qw
*No Plumbing Business Ep Album Out Now!!! 

#Available in all major web-stores & on #CD by CPS-Records. 

C-DRAIN Live & New Ep album Launch: 1/3 Ioannina @Route 66, 15/3 Athens @ Faust.

C-DRAIN full band live & New Ep Album Launch : THU 1st of March Ioannina @Route 66, and THU March 15 Athens @ Faust. More TBA!

Ioannina event: https://www.facebook.com/events/949935158516293/ 

Live @ Faust, Athens Press Release:


C-DRAIN Live & Παρουσίαση Δίσκου!

Ο C-DRAIN επιστρέφει με νέο δίσκο για ένα μοναδικό Full-Band Live στο FAUST την Πέμπτη 15/3. Αφηχθής απο το Λονδίνο και μετά απο χρόνια μουσικών περιηγήσεων στο εξωτερικό, θα κάνει την παρουσίαση της νέας του δουλειάς το “No Plumbing Business!” Ep, που έχει λάβει ήδη εξαιρετικές κριτικές σε Ελλάδα και Εξωτερικό, με broadcasts στο BBC RADIO και προβολή του από τον μεγάλο Brian Wilson των The Beach Boys!

Ο C-DRAIN – κατα κόσμον Christos Pappas – θα παρουσιάσει με την μπάντα του ένα πρόγραμμα με τα νέα του κομμάτια απο το νέο δίσκο *No Plumbing Business Ep, αλλά και πρόσφατα αγαπημένα όπως και “πειραγμένες” διασκευές και απο το προηγούμενο του «Covers Unplugged Ep» όπως και πολλές εκπλήξεις! Ένα πρόγραμμα πλαισιωμένο με πολλή ενέργεια, ηλεκτρικό και ακουστικό ήχο, βγαλμένο κατευθείαν από την Βρετανική σκηνή με indie αισθητική, που κυμαίνεται από το Αγγλικό post-80’s rock, Αμερικάνικο folk, μέχρι Ska, indie-Dance αλλά και Alternative διαδρομές…!

New Single : Come On! : https://youtu.be/AqRhzMLP3qw



Christos Pappas – Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Spiros Foukis – Drums
Dimitris Varouxis – Bass Guitar
Alex Karadimos – Electric Guitar & Effects
Marialena Evangelaki – Violin & Backing Vocals

Έναρξη : 9:30
Damage: 6€
Επικοινωνία – κρατήσεις: FAUST – 210 3234095

Presented by: CPS Records


Επίσημη Κυκλοφορία *No Plumbing Business Ep : 01/03/2018.
Διαθέσιμο σε όλα τα μεγάλα web-stores & σε CD από την CPS-Records.

C-DRAIN on Social media :

https://www.youtube.com/cdrain, https://www.instagram.com/cdrain.music/


BBC RADIO: C-Drain’s “Oh Miami!” – “Very Nice!!!”

Vents Magazine: Indie-rocker C-DRAIN is the alter-ego of versatile musician, songwriter and producer Christos Pappas….The punkish slice of indie is driven by choppy new wave guitar riffs, raw garage-pop vocals… fuelled by a passion for independence and punk DIY spirit he is a European version of shape-shifting garage-rock auteurs like Ty Segall and Ezra Furman.

Music Emissions.com (USA): Rating: 9,5/10 –“Producer/artist Christos Pappas resurfaces with his latest track “Oh Miami!” Blending modern rock with continuing West Coast retro pop theme…this could be the metropolis’ next theme song!”

Escafandrista Musical (Spain): C-DRAIN Come On! : Fast-paced gallops and will probably reach the teenage hearts of the less orthodox indie galaxy.

VINYLMINE: “‘Eνα ευχάριστο EP από τον C-Drain είναι το “No Plumbing Business!”, έναν άνθρωπο που ξέρει να γράφει «σωστά» ποπ τραγούδια. 

No TiTle Magazine (UK): “…If this artist continues to unearth interesting influences and a variety of angles his future album would certainly create a few welcome debates…”

Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys): Favourites C-Drain’s ‘Oh Miami!’ and reposted it t on his personal page!

ΕΡΤ (Δεύτερο): C-Drain ‘Covers Unplugged’ στα TOP 6 Αγγλόφωνα άλμπουμ του 2016 και στα TOP 20 όλων των κυκλοφοριών του 2016

ΔΙΣΚΟΡΥΧΕΙΟΝ:‘Covers Unplugged’ “…πολύ καλή δουλειά, δημιουργώντας έναν ήχο χαμηλών τόνων γενικώς, πέραν των λιγοστών εξάρσεων, ο οποίος είναι πλήρης, ακούγεται πλήρης και στέκεται μια χαρά.”

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* NEW C-DRAIN Ep Album Out : 01/03/2018! Click Here!

#Anouncement: CPS-Records proudly presents the new  C-DRAIN #No_Plumbing_Business_Ep Album OUT : 01/03/2018!!!  Will be available on #CD & for #Digital download in all major web-stores!!!

CD Cover

Press Release:

C-DRAIN *No Plumbing Business EP

C-DRAIN began as a one-man multi-instrumentalist and producer working out of his London-based home studio. Now relocated between London and Athens he has formed a new band, which in December 2016 issued its latest release, the ‘Covers Unplugged’ EP.

C-DRAIN’s new four-track debut of original music, ‘* No Plumbing Business’, takes us on a musical journey of novel sounds and wide-ranging emotions. As C-DRAIN states: ‘Each song reflects a different phase and season, which I’ve tried to capture in the sound of each track’, beginning with ‘Come On!’ (Summer), continuing with ‘Fly’ (Fall), ‘Round N’ Round’ (Winter) and ‘Sunny Day’ (Spring’). It’s a kind of ‘Four seasons’ EP, but not for Vivaldi’s fans! The EP begins with a sample of ‘I wanna dance’ (from the Dazed and Confused movie), which for C-DRAIN neatly encapsulates the new vibe he is after! Locked in the studio, he has painstakingly searched for a new production aesthetic through experimentation with vocal and instrumental timbres, resulting in a truly ‘Indie’ creation. Unlike his previous EP release, C-DRAIN’s goal was not to achieve a defined homogenous sound for all tracks, rather his aim was to locate via his production approach the ‘hidden’ character of each song and follow that wherever it led him. The EP’s title is also the first clue (after many queries from fans) to what the name C-DRAIN actually stands for!

C-DRAIN’s aim in his new project is to achieve total independence and creative freedom, taking responsibility for every aspect of the production process from performing on almost every instrument to recording and mixing each track in his home studio. To promote the EP in major venues C-DRAIN has devised a live set to showcase the new sound, which also includes visuals by a VJ and Director.

Official Release Date: 01/03/2018

Reviews :

No TiTle magazine (UK): “…If this artist continues to unearth interesting influences and a variety

of angles his future album would certainly create a few welcome debates…”

BBC Radio: C-Drain’s “Oh Miami!” – “Very Nice!!!”

Music emissions.com (USA): Rating: 9,5/10 – “Producer/artist Christos Pappas resurfaces with his latest track “Oh Miami!” Blending modern rock with continuing West Coast retro pop theme, he switches coasts, pens an ode and paints a vivid portrait of the Southern Florida party city. Mixing tinges of reggae as a clever nod to its proximity to the Caribbean, this could be the metropolis’ next theme song!

ΕRT Radio (Greece) C-Drain ‘Covers Unplugged’ on TOP 6 English Albums of 2016 and on TOP 20 of all 2016 Album-releases.

Vinylmine/Jazz & Tzaz magazine :‘Covers Unplugged’ -“Very nice work, creating a low-profile sound in general beyond the few crescendos, which is complete, sounds complete and fine standing.”

Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) favourites C-Drain’s ‘Oh Miami!’ and reposted it on his personal page!

Music emissions.com (USA): Rating: 9/10 …‘So What?’ is just the sort of musical break from the misery we need. And that is the key to what makes a good pop song – it fits the moment…so, go on…listen to “So What?” It will cheer you up guaranteed!”

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